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Winter field test of Zomax chainsaw of crankcase intake in northeast China

In Jan. 2016, when China is in the coldest period, Zomax Garden dispatches a team of 7 members to Northeast China to fully test new chainsaw series ZM5601, ZM5802, ZM5803 as users. This team includes two R&D engineers, 1 QC manager and four members of domestic sales.

The cutting test under low temperature lasts as long as 4 days. During this period, these chainsaws will not stop working from 7am to 5pm every day unless the machines needed to be oil-refilled. On the first two days of 6th and 7th , our team goes to a carbon factory where there is many hard, dense local wood. The factory fellow worker tells our team: “If we want to test a chainsaw’s quality, it’s best to cut such large tree pile from top to bottom. If cutting is smooth, it shows this is good chainsaw.” Then fellow worker tests and cut 3 to 4 tree piles without any stop and comments it’s powerful and sharp chainsaw.

Later on the 8th to 9th Jan., our team goes to the mountain to field test on our chainsaws. The mountains are covered with snow during this period. After taking half an hour climbing, our team finally arrived at the destination under the leadership of a local hill-contract owner . Then our team is separated into two groups with one chainsaw individually. The cutting work soon starts. In a short while, a large area of tree is cut down. The owner is happy about this and speaks highly of our chainsaw compared to similar imported brands.